Want to feel like a king / queen on a dance floor, hitting precisely all the accents with cool moves?

Want to get jealous looks and be invited again and again?

Want to get "woooow" after the dances and create those magical breathtaking moments which stay for years in mind?

This year we are going to dive into the Musicality topic and totally change the way you perceive and display the music in 6 hours! Learning choreos or listening to the music will not make you musical. You need to obtain a few very specific skills:

  • Ability to define the amount of moves that you need to make to hit the notes and don't look like a mess.

  • Ability to break and combine the moves which you have to create combinations that fit to the music.

  • Ability to predict the accents and instantly react on melodies to show them.

  • Ability to make your "musical thoughts" clear - to be able to involve your partner in your game.

All these things we are going to work out during these 6 hours.

There will be no choreos - just tonnes of unusual on point exercises. You will work specifically on each skill, parallely learning top congress songs.

After these 6 hours you'll stop being paralyzed when going to solo. You'll start freely improvising, creating unique moves that hit perfectly the music. Even if it is new for you!

And of course, as all musical people see other musical people from a mile away, you'll get more invitations and become introduced to new and new great dancers 😍

Register for the course right now and don't miss your chance to take an offline class with the one and only Svetlana Ray 🤗

Who’s Svetlana Ray?

  • A six-time Salsa Night Awards recipient (2x times Miss salsa, Teacher of the Year, School of the year etc.)

  • Author of the book «How to: Learning to Dance as an Adult»

  • A psychologist and a dance teacher with 12 years experience

  • Dance teacher's trainer

  • She's been teaching in more than 20 cities in Russia, Austria, South Africa, Georgia, Belarus, Ukraine, Croatia, Kazakhstan and other countries;

  • Dance High School (St.Petersburg, Russia) owner

What’s the investment?

  • Duration: 6 Hours

  • Schedule: Friday, 11:00 - 14:00 & Saturday, 11:00 - 14:00

  • Preffered Level: From 1 Year Experience

  • Style / Gender : CBL Salsa (on1 & on2) / Unisex

  • Participation: Full Program (6 hours) or Daily Program (3 hours)

  • Price: ask Svetlana directly :)

  • Pre-registration required (limited spots available!)

It is best to join the full program to build up the full understanding and necessary skills.But you can also catch any 3 hours a day if you want.

How can I participate?

Simply register yourself (see the link below) - you will get the payment details in a confirmation email.

I have more questions, who can I get more information from?

Please reach out directly to Svetlana at