Getaway Pass Prices:

We know the experience we’ll have together is priceless!

However, we have to pay the bills too, therefore, your contribution to the Smyrna Mambo Getaway is:

GETAWAY PASS 119.00 € 139.00 €


  • Accommodation & Cancellation Insurance,
  • Musicality & Solo Immersion By Svetlana Ray,
    Registration: Click here
  • Hotel Shuttle & Tourist Taxes.

Hotel / Venue Prices:

Double room per person 75.00 € 75.00 € 75.00 € 75.00 €
Triple room per person 67.00 € 67.00 € 67.00 € 67.00 €
Single room (10 rooms only) 150.00 € 150.00 € 150.00 € 150.00 €

  • The event main dates are from Thursday (check-in) to Monday (check-out).
  • Prices are per person / per night on full board accommodation.
  • Breakfast, lunch and dinner are included in full board and all meals are served open-buffet.
  • Fruit juices are included during all meals and free drinking water is included during whole event dates. Alcohol and other beverages are reasonably priced.
  • If you would like to extend your stay, you can check-in earlier or/and check-out later.
  • All taxes and surcharges are included in the prices.

Terms & Conditions:

  • The Getaway Pass is bound to your name, the transfers to a third party are only possible after confirmation with the Organization Team. We really want to have you with us!
  • If your plans change, please let us know, so we can offer your spot to somebody else.
  • In case you might miss the payment deadline, please don’t hesitate to contact us, we will try to help you secure your pass.
  • If we don’t get your payment on time and you will not contact us on time - your registration will be canceled.
  • In case of resignation, the full refund can be requested only until 01 May 2023.
  • Between 01 - 15 May 2023; we will be able to refund 50% (both pass and hotel). As we will be charged for the services on this date, no later refunds will be possible.
  • In case (let's hope not!) you get COVID after 15 May 2023 and would not be able to come, we'll make sure to transfer both your pass and hotel to the next year, we'll just need a medical certificate as evidence. Please note, that any money transfer fees are non-refunded.


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